Meet the Maker

Hi I am Katie. The woman behind K8tieSparkles. I am 33 years old and live in a Historic Market Town of Attleborough UK with my 3 year old son and our kitten Shadow.


me k8tiesparkles

I started making Jewellery as a Hobby 7 years ago, and really got into it. Self taught myself on the basics then I would do workshops/classes, watch videos...... and still learning today.




I began doing Craft Fairs, and weekly Markets and different Events local to my area after people would compliment me and want to buy it. I then had the most miraculous thing happen to me, after 7 miscarriages and being told I would never became a Mother I was expecting!!!  I was doing it on my own and I couldn't be standing out in all weathers so I opened an Etsy shop and in 2018 i create my own online shop.  This worked amazing around being a mother. I love being a mother to my son my rainbow baby. I never knew true love til the day I saw and heard his heartbeat, feel him move inside me and then when he was in my arms. 



I love making Jewellery and Gemstones, researching and learning healing properties and folklore and histories., enjoy the inspiration to the design to creating with such passion. Being able to tweek and change to suit a customers taste and seeing how pleased they are with it. 


Dreams do come true.