Pearl - June Birthstone - meaning and properties



The pearl is the birthstone of June, also the gem of the 3rd and 30th anniversary.

Unlike other gemstones that come from the earth, Pearl is formed in mollusks that can be found in both fresh and salt water.

Small foreign bodies, like grains of sand or small parasites, get inside the mollusk and form layers of pearly materials around it as defense.

Layers in the Pearl build up just like the layers of an onion, creating concentric circles.

The more layers are formed, the larger the Pearl becomes.

The overlapping layers also create an iridescent luster that’s called orient of the Pearl.

There are Pearls that are available in white, brown, pink, black, gold, and blue, depending on the kind of mollusk and water in which the mollusk is found.

Unlike gemstones that are measured by carat, a Pearl’s weight is given in grains. It takes approximately 4 grains of Pearl to equal a gemstone carat.

It has been said that a dream of pearl means that you will be seeing faithful friends. In ancient stories, pearl is associated with faithfulness, friends, loyalty, modesty and purity. 

Pearls are very much associated with the feminine world. It has its origin in the water. The round shape has it connected to the moon.




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